Nutella Student Concept Packaging


This is a conceptual packaging for a new range of healthy flavored Nutella for kids and young adults. Nutella is a brand of sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread that is famous for its authentic hazelnut and cocoa taste, made even more irresistible by its unique creaminess. Nutella was termed The World’s Favorite ‘Breakfast Spread’. The flavor of Nutella hasn’t changed since the brand got recognition. The flavors can be experimented with keeping the market requirements and trends in mind.

A significant amount of Nutella is wasted due to the non-consumer-friendly jar and becomes a very messy business. Therefore, our concept aims to design a packaging for Nutella Hazelnut with Cocoa Spread that provides the consumer with a mess-free, wholesome and convenient experience with least to zero wastage of Nutella.

What’s Unique? We have designed an entire product line where there are tasters, jars, tubes, and refills for five flavors which eliminates the use of spoons. The greaseproof paper cup refill jars are made to place the refill directly in the jar, eliminating the need to purchase the glass jar again and again. It also has an extruded rim to make the placing of the refill into the jar an easy task. Hence, saving money and also being a sustainable element in the packaging system.

Don’t want to buy the whole jar before tasting, we have got you. The tasters are introduced so that the consumer can taste the flavors before buying them in bulk.



Group Project: Raseshwari Seksaria, Margi Sahai, Mishank Chhajed
Tutor: Prachi Shah
MIT Institute of Design, Pune