Tima Intruder

Москва, Россия

Fruit Fest is a three-day event taking place in Gorgoko Park in Moscow, Russia. This event showcases fruit and fruit products, food, cold and hot products, beauty products, dietary supplements, healthy eating, fruit information, clothing, etc. in areas such as food and drink, food and drink, wellness, health and fitness. . Within the framework of the festival, there will be a crafts fair, a fair of souvenirs and food, it will be possible to visit a master class on planting seedlings and, of course, everyone will be able to purchase seedlings of fruit trees.

The Fruit Fest concept is the visual design of banners, posters, tickets, bracelets, product packaging and merchandise in the form of clothing and accessories. I used a minimalist design in black and white. This destroys the expectations of a potential guest: Fruit Fest is presented in bright colors. Instead of focusing on the shape and color of the fruit, the silhouettes of seeds are in the foreground, which in the future may germinate in the ground and give new shoots. So the design reflects the cyclicality that should interest the audience.

Along the edges of the composition, I indicated the basic information about the festival: this is the name of the festival, time, place, city and date. Including, on other posters, as a hint, the name of the fruit is indicated, the silhouettes of the bones of which are reflected in the design. On the products there is a gram, or the number of milliliters. Nothing superfluous, distracting from the main information.


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