Lemon Juice Concept


Sour lemon, or lemon for short, is the fruit of the lemon tree and a citrus fruit. Although the skin and flesh of lemons are used especially in cooking, lemons are mostly cultivated for their juice. Lemons contain a large amount of citric acid, which causes their sour taste . In fact, lime is a shrub whose height reaches four meters and its cultivation is possible only in tropical areas (Mediterranean climate). Its branches are long and its leaves are broad, dull green and oval. The petioles are clear and slightly winged. Its flowers are white inside and purple outside. They are very fragrant. Its flowering is practically continuous (lemon is the only tree that almost always bears fruit, flowers and leaves). Its fruit is oval in shape, which is juicier in late autumn and early winter .
This plant is used in medicine to treat rheumatism, gout, flatulence, jaundice, obesity, colds, inflammation, sunburn, malaria and nosebleeds. Also, locally, it is effective in removing the inflammation of the mouth and tongue, pest and brittleness of nails. Also, lemon essential oil extracted from its skin has antibacterial, antiseptic and blood pressure-lowering properties. Lime is used in traditional Indian medicine to treat heartburn. Due to the presence of limonene and citral in lemon, the oral drop obtained from the oil of this plant reduces blood pressure and improves depression .

In the design of this packaging, which is aimed at the market outside of Iran, it has been tried to design a new style and using classical techniques, the product can be seen and recognized at first glance. Another design goal of this product is its valuable presence in the market and very low cost for the manufacturer.