Amoth Studio is happy to present a new project, Mix Drinks by St. Nicolaus.

Our task was to develop a design for a brand-new product. Mix Drinks is a beverage that combines vodka with different juices that blend together when shaken. In other words, it’s a “pocket cocktail” that you can carry anywhere. At the moment, there are two cocktails available – sex on the beach (vodka with orange and cranberry juice) and screwdriver (vodka with orange juice).

The design had to reflect the content of the product and accentuate its fruitiness while being colorful and playful. For the label, we chose a simple layout, warm colors, and geometric illustrations of fruits and surroundings characteristic of each cocktail – citruses, berries, waves, and a sandy beach. The laconic logo block was placed at the center of the bottle balancing with the patterned background.

In creating the label design for Mix Drinks, we attempted to reflect not only the content of the product but also the general mood it conveys. Drinking is a process in itself. The bottle needs to be shaken first to get the best of the flavors. While shaking, the elements of the cocktail get mixed. At the same time, the label’s fruit patterns and colorful illustrations begin to move, producing an impression of looking through a kaleidoscope. This effect is reminiscent of the whirlwind of unforgettable life moments and memories characteristic of summer – but not only. Mix Drinks is a reminder of summer’s positive energy – sunshine in a bottle, so to say. And we are delighted to be the ones bringing it to life.


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