Casa Cesilia Wine Collection

Feroz Estudio


Ad Gaude constitutes the private selection of wines conceived by Casa Cesilia, an ecological winery and vineyard owned by the Arias family since 1984 and located in a privileged environment such as the Vinalopó Valley. In its vineyards, native varieties such as Monastrell coexist with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot or Syrah on a terroir of limestone, clay and silt swept by the Tramontana and Mistral. But also with “more Galician” varieties that are unusual in this area. Ad Gaude Blanco comes to demonstrate the evidence that elegance and power have how to coexist in a wine, beyond the varieties of a denomination or climatological characteristics.

As the most exclusive collection of the winery in terms of value and complexity, Ad Gaude follows the visual principles of sobriety and elegance as the main focus levers. With a sober and timeless air, the material finishes in the right dose play a determining role in transmitting sensitivity and balance. The proprietary die is evolved on a burgundy bottle with lower rounded shoulders and greater weight and body, which adapts in an enveloping way in the shape of a ring, to harmoniously combine the special finishes with the materials. The result is directly related to the wine itself, sobriety and forcefulness.

On the other hand, we work on 3 more wines to close the collection: La Garnacha, Roble and Crianza red wines. Cesilia La Garnacha represents the latest addition to Casa Cesilia’s red wine portfolio, which shares space with its two brothers, Roble and Crianza, who represent the winery’s spearheads as versatile red wines for a more traditional audience and consumer.

Using the common design elements of this winery’s labels such as the die, the design elements, the graphic texture and the materials and finishes, La Garnacha seeks to bring Atlantic inspiration with the aim of finding its own common and differentiated thread. On the one hand, the two colors par excellence that visually represent the north of Spain are adopted: Atlantic blue and white, in order to set a distance from the tones normally used in the labeling of this grape variety in Spain. On the other hand, we work on different Celtic-inspired representations and symbols directly related to Galicia and its magical geometry, combining shape and color to generate a new graphic pattern.

Finally, burgundy red for Crianza and fiery orange for Roble as mandatory colors of both wines, finishing off the label at a decorative level with an emboss texture whose central element is the “Fleur de Lis”, a distinctive characteristic of families in the Leon area, place of origin of the founder of Casa Cesilia.

Ad Gaude materials: Fedrigoni Manter Cotone Bianco Ultra WS140, Finishes Raised roof multi-level embossing, Stamping, Silk print.

Cesilia La Garnacha, Roble y Crianza: Material: Fedrigoni Manter Materica Limestone Ultra WS110, Finishes: Blind emboss, hot foil stamping, relief varnish, metallic ink.