Drav’s founders came to Wedge at the company’s early beginnings, with the desire to create an accessible, youthful beer brand that would become a modern millennial icon. The reality: Limited advertising budget (zero). It had to win on-shelf. Which meant, it was all about the design.

At the time (2017), category codes either saw the overuse of illustration in the craft world, or, your commercial go-tos. We had to be different. Inspiration came from an unlikely place: The Simpsons, Duff Beer. Effortlessly iconic, eye-catching, and enduring. The winning recipe became a combination of strong identifiable shape, central nomenclature to identify the beer type, a charming logomark, functionally presented information, and a distinct color palette unusual yet natural for the category. Where pink is for everyone.

Drav was an instant hit upon launch. Stocked at the hippest restaurants, backed by the hottest chefs, and served at the coolest parties and cultural events. People who simply wanted a piece of ephemera beyond beer, bought Drav. The founders have since gone on to launch many new flavors, as well as innovative products in the ready-to-drink space.