Brami New Era Italian Food Company


Brami is a California-based company reimagining the Italian pantry into delicious, plant-based products inspired by the ancient Italian lupini superbean. Think new gen staples like super high-protein, carb-conscious, lupini and semolina flour pasta. They’re taking tradition and breaking it just a little. An ethnographic study revealed that while Americans crave Italian food, they also associate it with “cheat days” and “consequences” due to the relationship between diet culture and the war on carbs. Truth is, real Italian food is nourishing, especially with Brami. We sought to defy this perception with a liberating, better-for-you brand. It’s food that frees you.

The solution modernizes what new generation Italian products can look and feel like, while maintaining a sense of cultural authenticity. Wedge joined Brami at a pivotal moment in the company’s trajectory towards a game-changing raise. The rebrand launched in 2022 and coincided with expanded distribution in Whole Foods, Thrive Market, Sprouts, and Costco throughout the United States.