Grande Vallee Traditionelle


Making a good sparkling wine is a special art that requires skill, experience, and a sense of balance. After all, the right sparkling wine is distinguished by a perfect balance between lightness, drinkability, and the distinctive character of the local terroir. The Ukrainian company Grande Vallee has been working on all these components for a long time, and recently decided to enter the market with a collection of sparkling wines created by methode traditionelle. Therefore, for our studio, the main task was to reflect this particular character and approach to the product, intended for connoisseurs of quality sparkling wines.

When developing the packaging design for Grande Vallee Traditionelle sparkling wines, we were inspired by the special atmosphere of the Black Sea coast, where these unique wines are created. The general character of the visual composition is maintained in a strict, premium style, which emphasizes the method of production of this wine, and its special status. The main emphasis here is set on restraint, quality materials, and minimalism, which allow the drink to speak for itself. Thus, the consumer easily recognizes something special in these wines, different from everything on the shelf.