Polycrystal packaging is one of the best types of saffron packaging, which is very popular among saffron exporters in Afghanistan. By choosing polycrystal packaging for Naji’s export saffron, which has a transparent appearance, we created an eye-catching image of saffron, which, in addition to beauty, increases the trust of customers.

Inside these boxes, saffron is placed in a polycrystalline container that stores Sargol saffron. Polycrystal containers, besides protecting saffron, are more affordable than other packaging and are very popular among consumers today and are considered as one of the types of luxury packaging for saffron.

The design of saffron flowers printed on the packaging of this brand has been exclusively and uniquely illustrated for the Naji saffron brand, and with the professional opinions of our designers, the required effects have been placed on it after printing. to multiply the charm of this flower.

From the printing techniques used in the design of this package, we can mention gold stamping, embossing, and local UV printing, which helped make this package more beautiful.

With our advice on saffron, Naji saffron brand packaging has been implemented in four best-selling weights of 1, 2, 3 and 5 grams, which are suitable for export.

These packages are executed in two colors, black and white, which in combination with red and gold colors, while doubling the attractiveness of these packages, refer to the valuable product of saffron.