In the production and packaging design of Tamsi saffron, the main policy is focused on the export market. With the advice of the Irfan Designers group and by making changes in some of the saffron packaging weights and the appearance and presentation of these packages, they also had a glimpse of the domestic market in Iran and especially the real consumer. And also by following the organizational color that was observed in the whole saffron packaging, he put this part of the market in his business agenda.

Packets of saffron in half a shekel and 1 shekel, as well as saffron in a half gram and one gram, are part of the work done.

Another important thing was the presentation of these envelope saffron packages to the market, which was done in the best way with the very stylish and luxurious design and production of the mother box of these envelope saffron packages, which contains a specific number of saffron packages inside each mother box.

One of the important features of this designed saffron mother box is that the shop owner can buy this mother box containing saffron packets with the perforations that have been considered by the design team of Irfan Designers Group on the mother box after separating these parts. Use the mother box as a store stand to supply packages of Tamsi saffron.