sargol saffron Ccino packaging in three best-selling weights of one, two and five grams has been implemented at the suggestion of Erfan designer group consultants. Inside these boxes, sargol saffron is placed in a polycrystalline container that stores saffron. Polycrystalline containers, besides protecting saffron, are more affordable than other packaging and are very popular among consumers today. Also, these packages are recyclable and environmentally friendly.

The saffron flower printed on the packaging of this brand has been illustrated in a completely exclusive and unique way for the Saffron Ccino brand, and with the professional comments of the Erfan designer group, the required effects have been placed on it after printing. to multiply the charm of this flower.

From the printing techniques used in the design of this packaging, we can mention gold stamping, embossing and local UV printing.


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