Creating a Unified Brand Identity for a Major Food Producer

For a large food producer with a wide variety of products sold in supermarkets, creating a unified brand concept and design was essential. This was the first item on our to-do list for the design process.

1. Emphasizing Brand Recognition

Helchin is a trusted and best-selling brand in the food industry. Therefore, prominently featuring the brand name and logo in the design was a key priority. We achieved this by using a bold and eye-catching logo, and by giving the brand name prominent placement on packaging.

2. Simplifying Product Discovery

Given the quick consumption nature of this category of food, we needed to make it easy for customers to find the products they were looking for. We solved this by placing the product name prominently in the center of the packaging. This made it easy for customers to scan the shelves and quickly identify the products they wanted.

3. Using Visuals to Stimulate Appetite

Finally, we used attractive and colorful imagery to stimulate the appetite and appeal to customers’ senses. This helped to make the products more appealing and encourage customers to pick them up.