Mumford Brewing “Mazes” Interactive Label

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Mumford Brewing Company is a microbrewery and taproom located in Los Angeles, CA. The ever-evolving creations of craft beer warrants new and intriguing packaging which we were happy to assist with. Their short-run, monthly rotating labels are always a crowd favorite, bringing a variety of IPAs, Lagers, and West Coast Pilsner’s all the way to rich decadent stouts. Brewed in downtown Los Angeles, head brewmaster Peter Mumford, the brewery has kept its roots & spirit in Los Angeles.

Studio Ethur Ethur has built a gamut of labels for Mumford Brewing, and when they came with their “Mazes” blue corn lager concept we knew this particular label would bring attention to the brand.

Building from the base of the lager, Blue Corn sparked our interest in one of our favorite childhood pastimes of Corn Mazes during fall time. Taking the general premise from this concept, and understanding a way to incorporate it into a thought-provoking, interactive label that consumers will want to take on as a challenge was important. First designing a maze that was difficult enough to solve, but easy enough to conquer seemed to be the first hurdle. After many iterations of sketches, and tests, we came to a conclusion and set out to then aesthetically solve the issue of how we would approach the maze itself. After a few rounds of revisions, we landed on a hand-illustrated, playful maze that brought forth a light & airy, fall-time-oriented color palette.