Bedoin is a Ukrainian brand of exclusive coffee. The main distinguishing feature of this coffee is that the beans are roasted a few days before being packed into a pack.

Also one of the incredible features is that the company buys grains at auction. As a result, the company constantly changes blends and delights its consumers with new flavors.


Coffee is something simple and understandable, almost every person drinks at least a cup of coffee a day. We can buy a pack in any supermarket for very little money. That is why we are all used to the fact that coffee is not an exclusive thing.

But what if the beans from which you brewed coffee were bought at an auction? But what if the grains were roasted for no more than a day, before they got into your cup?

It completely flips the perception.


Since Bedoin showed a completely unexpected approach that turned my view of the coffee industry, I decided to “turn” the design. I opted for a neon palette and brutal typography.