Olive oil comes from olives, the fruit of the olive tree. Olives are a traditional crop of the Mediterranean region. People make olive oil by pressing whole olives.

People use olive oil in cooking, cosmetics, medicine, soaps, and as a fuel for traditional lamps. Olive oil originally came from the Mediterranean, but today, it is popular around the world.

In the diet, people preserve olives in olive oil or salted water. They eat them whole or chopped and added to pizzas and other dishes.

They can use olive oil a dip for bread, for drizzling on pasta, in cooking, or as a salad dressing. Some people consume it by the spoonful for medicinal purposes.

In designing this packaging, we considered the natural and valuable aspect of this oil.

this product is completely organic and 100% natural, that’s why we tried to use food grade kraft paper and completely recyclable in the packaging design of this product, the bottle is made of glass and the lid is made of wood, which are all recyclable. And also we tried to do the design work with the least color and only by highlighting the important letters on the package, and because this package is a global product, so all the people of the world should know what the product is inside, that’s why even for the blind, braille letters are used. We used it on the packaging.