There are none like the gift boxes available in the market, which often have an ordinary and similar appearance, the ideation and packaging design of Saffron Ccino gift boxes has been done exclusively for this brand and is not similar to any other example in the market.

Considering the value of the saffron products and the importance of the culture of gifting, Irfan designers have designed this saffron gift box packaging in such a way that in addition to the beauty of the appearance, it also fully protects the products inside the box. The combination of the gilding effect on the black and white pattern of this packaging has multiplied its effect and at the same time, the purple flowers that are placed in this girl’s hair are reminiscent of the saffron product.

Inside the packaging of the Ccino gift box, there are 3 grams of precious saffron in crystal glass, for more protection and beauty, this crystal glass is placed in a wooden box, the design of which is inspired by the entrance of Persepolis. This wooden box, which is in the shape of the columns of Persepolis, is a very good representative of the culture and history of Iran and a suitable option for export to other countries.

At the same time, a small wooden mortar for grinding precious saffron is placed in this Chino saffron gift box packaging, which is completely handmade.

Next to these two products, there is hummus and pesto sauce, both of which contain organic saffron and other natural ingredients, which makes this gift box very special.