Intimate Travel Tea Fruit Wine


Intimate Travel Tea Fruit Wine is a fine wine brewed by using fresh fruits and high-quality tea leaves as raw materials and using a unique brewing process.

The main image of the package, the super symbol, is cleverly designed with bees and hot air balloons, which fully reflects the meaning of the brand name. The background graphics express the beautiful design of mountains, water and clouds through abstract geometric shapes, reflecting the love of life, continuous exploration, infinite surprises, and the world. There is always enthusiasm for beautiful things, which triggers a new way of life for young people to pursue and yearn. The jumping and bright color collision design shows individuality, fashion and youthfulness.

The packaging design concretizes this romance and imagination in the form of visual language, creates an external image that conforms to the temperament of the product, and at the same time shortens the distance with consumers and inspires resonance.