Crunch it – Veggie chips organic vegan sustainable packaging design

“Real Veggies. Strong Crunch.”


Crunch it turns fresh veggies sourced directly from the farm into hand-cooked crisps.

The brand needed a unique brand identity and a packaging range that will help them to stand out on the shelf and communicate the brand’s commitment to delicious nutritional and healthy snacks. They wanted to target their new range of chips toward parents that want healthier alternatives when it comes to snacks for their kids but at the same time to be appealing also to the other segments of the audience that are conscious about their food choices.


Bold and vibrant colors were chosen to make everything look organic and to push forward the fact that the brand uses fresh veggies for their snacks. The main illustrations are slices of the vegetables used in the individual bags paired with the leaves to add more symmetry and visual interest.