»Language is wine upon the lips.«
Virginia Woolf

A glass of wine can make a good talk become a great one. This wine is for all those great talks with our girl friends – the sad and the happy ones, the silly and the serious ones, the calm and the furious ones. For all the situations live throws at us. It’s not an „a girl makes cute wine for girls“-wine. It’s a wine with character for real talks between real women. A true Mädchen Wein (girls wine).

The wines: 1. Sometimes all we need is a little love – To the coolest woman I know. // 2. Sometimes we need to be encouraged – It’s not a dumb idea. // 3. Sometimes live leaves us speechless – Oh. // 4. Sometimes all we need is a good time – No bad vibes. //5. Sometimes it just hurts – Yes, of course it hurts.