The Brand
Your everyday wellness partner.™ Designed a Brand Identity and Packaging for a wellness brand that aimed to make a healthier lifestyle more sustainable with scientifically developed Ayurveda super-foods in the most palatable and convenient form. They offer a premium range of super-food lattes, herbal teas and bio-active health boosters for everyday health needs.

The Logo and Colors
We had to keep this in mind while building the logo; The logo should stand out and speak for the brand highlighting the authenticity of herbal products. And we are happy with the logo we designed.

Green is “Detox” and relates to purity. It helps to cleanse the body, bringing about natural detoxification. Blue is “Relax”, it provides functional benefits and is designed to help unwind. The Yellow is “Immunity”, it helps to boost the immune system, keeping you protected from illness always. Selected a compilation of vibrant colour palettes because of their ability to create a perfect combination with each other.

The Patterns
Created an illustrative icon inspired by the benefits of the product. We thought of minimal and more fancy types of icons and came up with a flat but colourful approach.

The Latte and Chyavanprash Packaging
A power-packed blend of Ayurveda Goodness. Delivered a super-food latte packaging design where the brand statement is as relevant as the product. The bold message, Powerful colours. The design offers a cool gimmick, and the health Ayurveda-driven illustrative icon design has a stellar role in product communication.

Designed a Box Packaging and Label for the Chyavanprash that should look familiar with the Latte series, we thought of minimal and colourful types of design.