A Negroni… Sbagliato… With Prosecco in It!

From a viral video into a packaging concept.

The viral video-turned-meme that has had the internet shaken (not stirred, get it) for the past few days became an unexpected yet great source of inspiration for us. Here is a bit of context: the infamous interview of the stars of the House of Dragon had an unexpected grip on the pop culture. It scored millions of views online, people use the audio bit of it to make their own reenactments, cooking show hosts have switched to making cocktails, social media has been exploding with the excerpts of the video. All of that because of a short clip of one of the stars mentioning their favorite drink.

This has resulted in a fictional brand of canned Negroni. Now you can take your favourite Negroni…Sbagliato…with Prosecco in it anywhere you go! The long title is a mouthful but so is the the burst of flavour and sparks in your mouth from the very first sip!

The visual language is fresh, dynamic, and a bit ironic. A Negroni in a can?! A scandal or a great way to turn to a youthful target audience, that are always on the go?

The visual identity is based on the imagery of the ingredients, which are deconstructed to mimic the fuzzy feeling of taking the first sip of the delicious drink and the potential feeling of having a bit too many yet enjoying every bit of it. The graphics are complimented with sophisticatedly messy lightly deconstructed Arial, because why complicate things that are simple / simply brilliant? The identity is modern, deliberately messy, and overall looks quite fun, as if the designer had a couple of mentionted drinks before starting their work. Or did they?

Enjoy and drink responsibly!