UNO™ espresso is one of the products of the big family of Hamwi café. The taste of Hamwi café has been a constant reflection of the originality and popularity of coffee lovers who eagerly await their cup of coffee every morning.

Arabic coffee is considered a symbol of generosity amongst social gatherings. From the bedouin tribes in the desert to the businessmen. Arabs take a great pride in the coffee they serve, Hamwi Co’s arabic coffee blend has been roasted to perfection and infused with arab heritage.

UNO™ products aim to hit new markets with a new look that reflects the vision of Hamwi café however coffee became now an essential part of the daily life of anyone of us now.

The point that makes the selection of the brand is hard and cruical, however there are several different styles of brewing and preparing the coffee. But with the special blend of the perfect taste and the look & feel of the brand, our products will stand out from the crowd.

The part that almost everyone is fascinated about is the foem ( the look on top of the surface of the coffee ) created after pouring the coffee in the cup. That look of the foam reflects on the mood and the feeling of the one who will drink either in a good way or a bad way.

In an attempt to make the brand reflects luxury, simple and modern look & feel. We started making some illustrations for the foam to be a key element. the type mood selected was the elegant and modern serif. The colors of the black and gold was perfect. With some vibrant different colors to differentiate the kinds of the products.


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