ITLE – branded ecosystem for halal food


Москва, Россия

ITLE is a halal steakhouse chain in Kazan. The client came to us with an initial formulation of the core brand principle – halal lifestyle – and a request to update the logo, identity and packaging. The need to update the brand arose because the client was about to launch new products under the ITLE umbrella brand, including a range of ready-to-eat meals.

Today, most halal brands look too authentic, with an abundance of traditional codes. Our challenge was to make a modern halal, moving away from traditional colours and elements.

To begin with, we defined the structure of the umbrella brand: ITLE Restaurant, ITLE Bistro, ITLE Kitchen and ITLE Delivery. Next, we began work on the logo and identity.

While working on the logo, which became the main reference point of the identity, we wanted to rethink tradition, move away from traditional codes and do something fresh and modern.

We got emotional and positive, memorable logo, in which we kept a small reference to the Arabic script – the rhombus. Inside the rhombus we can see the inscription Halal 360, which emphasises full compliance with halal standards, both in restaurants and at ITLE production factory.

We have refreshed the red colour in the logo, but kept it because meat is a staple in ITLE restaurants, and the name itself translates from Tatar as ‘meat’. The combination of Cyrillic and Latin in the name, which the client came up with, fits perfectly with the stylistics we developed.

You could say that we helped launch an important and new ITLE Kitchen business for the client – the production of ready-made food – from scratch. We developed the packaging for the three product lines, branded the factory and created the design for the brand stele.

We took the restaurant menu as the concept for the design of the three lines of packaging for ready meals, because our client first and foremost has expertise in this area. On the whole, the packaging is designed in accordance with modern design codes – with an emphasis on the food and sophisticated colours.

The client is already actively using elements of the style we designed – ready-to-eat food in the new packaging can be ordered at Samokat, Yandex.Lavka and OZON, and a ready-to-eat factory in our design was recently completed.



Москва, Россия
CEO: Ilya Lazuchenkov
Account Director: Varvara Kanevskaya
Art Director: Aleksandr Bankin
Creative Director: Egor Myznik
Designer: Anna Volkova
Designer: Anna Golovina