Landor & Fitch

Sydney NSW, Australia

James Squire is affectionately known as Australia’s original mainstream craft beer brand. With a rich history, the story of James Squire himself allowed the brand to play to this roguish charm, with each variant in the range speaking to a different facet of his intriguing life.

With an ever-growing cohort of craft brands in the market, an opportunity emerged for James Squire to be more relevant in refined occasions and carve its own path amongst premium brand beers.

Status meets Swagger. The life story of James Squire lends itself to this brand platform due to its dichotomy – from rags to riches.

James Squire dared to break the mould, rejecting tradition and doing things his way. The refreshed visual identity of the brand was designed to reflect this, culminating in a bespoke and truly ownable design.

Crafted quality with distinct signs of distress reflects an unconventional ride to the top; our visual language commands attention in a category filled with lookalike brands.


Landor & Fitch

Sydney NSW, Australia
Design Director: Mike Souvanthalisith
Design Director: Abi Singmin
Consumer Design Lead: Darren Mulkerrins
Designer: Anneke Zilich
Client Director: Daniel Chambers
Illustrator: Lloyd Stratton
Renders: Visual State