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Packaging for the chia and protein porridge from Bercoff

The series of packaging designs for chia and protein porridge is based on the common visual motive of the boy flying in the air balloon. Our goal was to create a warm, engaging and soft design with characteristic and clearly recognizable elements. Our client demanded to avoid all the visual cliche, which is nowadays often presented in the Slovak market. With great pleasure, we avoided all the wooden textures and arranged ingredients into playful shapes. We have decided to create packaging whose visual identity will be adjustable to the current trends in visual communication and will serve as a timeless element, which will be used as a cornerstone for the brand.

Why did our creative director choose the motive of the boy flying in an air balloon for the packaging of the instant porridge?

The instant breakfast packed in small doses is ideal for every adventure. That is where we see the connection with the reading of the stories by Jules Verne, which were part of our childhood. The short novel Five weeks in the balloon was the inspiration for our illustrator, who decided to put the boy in the balloon, instead of the victorian travelers. The handmade illustration gives the packaging a certain feeling of craftsmanship, which is always a beneficial factor for any visual work.


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