Modernising the art of crocheting with The Woobles

Lemmy Design

The Woobles is a brand dedicated to making crochet accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Its flagship product, beginner-friendly amigurumi kits, offer a fun and modern take on a traditional craft. After two years of successful online sales, the owners, Justine Tiu and her partner, sought to expand the business into physical retail stores.

The initial in-house branding did a great job in establishing the brand online, but it needed a refresh to effectively showcase the product in a store environment. The plain canvas packaging was functional for online sales, but it lacked the visual impact necessary to stand out on the shelf.

Lemmy was tasked with updating the brand to reflect The Woobles’ playful and modern feel, while also ensuring the packaging clearly communicated the DIY nature of the product. The design features bold, flat colors and hand-drawn illustrations, bringing a youthful and playful vibe to the traditional craft. The focal point of each pack is the completed amigurumi, with illustrations and scenes that highlight the individual character’s personalities.

The typography and illustrations support the clarity and nature of the product, while the updated brandmark features bold, rounded letters and a friendly, modern font. The unpacking experience is elevated with playful, branded elements such as colorful yarn tape, stickers, and instructions cards. Each element has been carefully designed to create a full and fun Woobling experience.