54 Marjeyoun Olive Oil


V Chotejne 765/15, 102 00 Prague Hostivar, Czech Republic

The assignment expected us to come up with branding for a special niche of Olive Oil from the area of Marjeyoun. We had to come up with a feasible storyline that would further serve as the main feature of marketing communication.

After a few days of studying Olive oil, its production, Lebanon and the area itself we found interesting information. The Marjeyoun district used to have 54 water springs representing sometimes the last resort for travelers and locals in rather sunny areas. Using this historical information is however the only old element present. the design of the Logo and Packaging has been made with a focus on two things.

First is the limited amount of Olive oil that can be produced from the area and the possible lack of high-end design packaging producers. Second is the niche market the oil will be targeting. Therefore we used a standard bottle with an unprecedented design of etiquette. The resulting design uses 3 variations for Olive Oil Extra Virgin, Nuovo and Organic. The project will be followed by the development of an interactive website in several foreign languages.