Callum Whitehorn

South Australia, Australia

Blueberry Bliss Beverages is a specialist company that produces premium blueberry sodas focusing on capturing the unique flavor and health benefits of blueberries. The company is committed to using only the finest ingredients, sourcing fresh blueberries and natural flavors to create an authentic and rich taste. Recently, I was assigned to rebrand and redesign the labeling and packaging for Blueberry Bliss Beverages’ three flavors – Pink Berry, Orange Berry, and Blue Berry. The goal was to create a distinctive and appealing design that would resonate with consumers and effectively stand out from regular sodas.

Through careful research and collaboration with the company, I developed a design concept incorporating vibrant colors and light typography while maintaining a clean and modern look. Each flavor was given a unique color scheme and design elements to differentiate them on the shelf and capture the essence of their respective berry flavors.

In summary, the new labeling and packaging design for Blueberry Bliss Beverages successfully conveys the brand’s dedication to using natural and high-quality ingredients, while also creating a visually appealing and distinctive look that catches the attention of the target audience.