Gotan Swiss Artisanal Beer

hunap studio

Budapest, Révay köz 4, 1065 Magyarország

˝if architecture is frozen music then music must be liquid architecture˝ Quincy Jones

…gotan is liquid music… the GOTAN beer is a truly special and unique creation that combines the essence of dance and music, as well as the elegance of the architecture.

˝ Gotan is an experience of unity and enjoyment. We want you to share our passion for craft beer and to have a unique experience of sensations. Our purpose is to take you on a journey around the world through taste.

We believe in the richness of diversity, respect for different cultures and the magic that can appear if we look beyond the imaginary lines of borders. From our brewery in Avully we merge Swiss precision, French refinement and Argentinean passion. We are inspired by joy, tradition and above all, by music.


It means “Tango” written backwards. This music was created by immigrants from all over the world with the purpose of sharing experiences. Their dance symbolizes a whole sensual and mystical experience. The body language and the magic of its chords invite you to let yourself go and enjoy a very special journey. ˝


hunap studio

Budapest, Révay köz 4, 1065 Magyarország
Designer: Kovacs Hunor Laszlo
Designer: Kovacs Apor
Photography: Kovacs Apor
Gotan Brewery