The new caviar liberation

Hamburg’s Altonaer Kaviar Import Haus (AKI) is one of the most traditional caviar houses in the world. The question of how caviar can be rethought today and made accessible to many people and occasions finds its answer in design, packaging and storytelling. As a partner for the new strategic direction, we developed a reimagined portfolio structuring, corporate design and packaging relaunch. The new design thus acts as a transformation booster to take Kaviar to the next level. A new look & feel that carries the brand’s almost 100-year history into the future:

The new AKI design thus positions itself as a trailblazer and focuses on a refreshingly unconventional Tone of Voice in the new brand identity. Each label tells a story: The design of the new signature line is almost revolutionary for the traditional market of luxury caviar and a bold step forward. There is no longer any trace of classic ostentatious design, which is replaced by soft natural tones and a visual world reminiscent of fashion photography.