Studio Troika

Praia Grande, SP, Brasil

“Man’s Journey Towards Authenticity and Natural Care”

A group of men who felt the need to reconnect with their essence, to authentically embrace their masculinity. They craved products that not only care for their skin and hair, but also reflect their values of sustainability and wellness. And thus the Bold Man was born.

Bold Man came up with the mission to provide men with a unique experience based on natural care and sustainable ingredients. The product has been carefully formulated respecting the body and the environment, using natural ingredients as a competitive advantage. The Bold Man story begins in vast forests, where herbs and aromatic plants grow in harmony with nature. On this journey, the brand discovered the hidden powers of these natural assets. From pure essential oils to nutrient-rich plant extracts, each ingredient has been chosen to provide maximum benefits for men who choose Bold Man. But the Bold Man’s story doesn’t end there. It’s about masculine authenticity, the pursuit of individuality and self-care. It’s about men who want to stand out,

The Bold Man believes that true strength is in nature. The products are developed to enhance man’s natural beauty, providing effective and sustainable care. There is no room for harmful synthetic ingredients or animal testing in its story. The brand is dedicated to offering quality products without compromising the well-being of men and the planet. As the Bold Man story spreads, men around the world begin to unite on a journey of authenticity and natural care. They feel represented by a brand that understands their needs and offers effective solutions without compromising their health or the environment.

Bold Man is building a community of thoughtful men who value authenticity, personal care and respect for nature. It’s an ever-evolving story, where each chapter is written by the men who have chosen the Bold Man as their trusted brand. So join Bold Man. Be part of this story. Discover the power of natural assets and the importance of authentic care. Be the protagonist of your own journey at Bold Man, where natural care is the path to true masculinity.


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