Yummy – Natural Fruit Juice Mix

Mickt Flior

Raleigh, NC, EUA

100% natural & fresh fruit juice mix.

Yummy is a new fun and bold brand of natural drinks that brings fun pairings of fruits made from real ingredients. So no artificial colors, added sugars, or chemicals. Just fruit, water, and fun! I illustrated Yummy’s four debut flavors, which are:  Orange Mango, Apple Peach, Guava Grape, and Kiwi Berry.

Yummy’s unique visual brand identity is playful and daring. The typography used for all labels and marketing materials is completely hand-drawn, with organic shapes, chubby corners, and is adaptable to the space it is inserted. These characteristics give it a more youthful personality, with the target audience being environmentally conscious older teens and young adults. This joyful and approachable style also makes the design stand out from the competition.

Yummy’s logo was also hand drawn, designed to show movement and playfulness while also being versatile in all its applications. It brings a visual nudge to what liquid letters could look like, making light reference to its products: Natural drinks.

The word Yummy is shaped as an oval circle, centrally aligned inside a flower-like shape, making reference to other nature elements. This pairing makes the logo visually unique and easy to remember.
The main colors of the brand are inspired by blossoming nature. Natural, yet vibrant tones that easily found during spring and summer times. Just like our ingredients, these colors are fun, intense, and designed to dominate all marketing materials, while the colors that comprehend the labels themselves are monochromatic variations drawn from each fruit flavor.

Label & packaging design, logo, and marketing materials.
Illustrator & Designer: Mickt Flior | Instagram: @artsymickt

POTW Curator’s Insight

Yummy is an invitation to savor life’s sweetness and a testament to the power of hand-drawn creativity, of colors that echo nature’s wonders.