“In the design process, we have been committed to presenting a unique and immersive visual experience that narrates the story of each category within the four varieties of packaging. We have taken great care to intensively and simply highlight every precise and specialized detail.

For each packaging within the four categories, New England-Costa Rican-Medium-Dark-Dark/French, we have tailored a color appearance that carries within it colors and symbols representing the country from which the coffee beans for this specific category were imported. This choice comes after meticulous consideration and special attention to ensure the highest level of quality that enhances the emotions accompanying each experience.

Each packaging is distinguished by an approximate number indicating the optimal roasting level for the specific category. This number serves as a spotlight, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to delivering a distinct coffee moment.

Regarding the origin of the coffee beans, we have embraced the challenge by providing coordinates of the famous locations where this splendid category is cultivated in each country. These coordinates, representing latitude and longitude, give you a fun and enjoyable insight into the origin of this wonderful coffee.

As part of the tailored research and exploration process for each packaging, we have narrated a distinctive story that conveys the human emotions accompanying the tasting of any category from the diverse varieties. It undoubtedly adds a special impact to your moments, whether day or night, as a unique experience with sincere companionship and mixed emotions!”

Curator’s Insight

This packaging is like a treasure trove of numbers and stats, but they’re not just any numbers; they’re carefully selected to enhance your coffee experience. Let’s break it down:

  1. Color Codes and Symbols: These numbers are like secret codes that represent the colors and symbols of the countries where the coffee beans come from. It’s like a colorful passport for your taste buds.
  2. Roasting Levels: The numbers here tell you how roasted your coffee is, ensuring you get the flavor you desire. It’s like having a personal coffee roaster right in your kitchen.
  3. Coordinates: Latitude and longitude are like GPS coordinates that lead you straight to the coffee farms. You can practically visualize the scenic landscapes where your coffee journey begins.
  4. Unique Stories: While not numbers per se, these stories add depth and emotion to your coffee experience. They’re like little tales that make each cup meaningful.

This packaging is full of information, but they’re the kind of info that elevate your coffee ritual. They turn a simple drink into a journey, a conversation starter, and a unique experience.