Designed For: PAVAO
Service: Packaging, Visual Identity

Perfume “PAVAO”, which means “peacock” in Portuguese, features four types of fragrances, reflecting the diversity and color richness associated with peacocks. The packaging and bottle design focus on this aspect, as a strategic move by the brand to highlight their slogan: ‘PAVAO, a perfume that resembles you. Each product is uniquely represented through distinct colors and designs, promoting the idea of communication and harmony between the products and people.

The remaining elements of the visual identity were neutral-sized to keep the perfume packaging as the centerpiece of the scene. When developing the identity, we employed typography with large characters and sizes to convey strength and clarity.

Each box is assigned a specific color that matches the product it contains. With its new identity, PAVAO aims to target various age groups by aligning with their desires and aspirations, while providing a unique and unforgettable user experience.