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A brand that provides high quality and premium products (confectionery/coffee), Grandma Charlie was the beginning of the passion and story, a love story between her and the manufacture of delicious freshly baked sweets and baked goods.

To pass on to the grandchildren the same passion, love and experience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to be the link between grandparents and grandchildren.

Shirley, s with an interesting story full of nostalgia and passion, this passion represented in providing products with a story that connects the past and the present, from varieties of coffee from several countries of a nature specializing in the cultivation and harvesting of the finest coffee beans, passing through their care and taking them with mold With high glasses and aesthetics, each product is associated with the culture of origin and its cultural and folk tales, each product has a story and a story. Interesting and distinctive color opens to you with the first sip a window on it to search through cultural diversity and an interesting and beautiful story.

I am very happy that this wonderful brand shared its launch story, started its journey, providing eco-friendly design and packaging, the colors of each product reflecting the culture of its country, with its marketing phrase inspired by their customs and culture with coffee and their general popular character.

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– Indonesia Coffee
is a lifestyle
– Colombia
Just about a cup of coffee
– BrazilFun
and active day
– VietnamMake
your personality
Special – EthiopiaThe
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