Candour – Wine with Character


Carbon-intensive glass packaging makes up more than half of wine’s greenhouse gas emissions, but that could be about to change. Candour is in the business of making fine wine more approachable, more environmentally friendly, and much more fun. Its range of carefully-curated canned wines aims to turn the snooty and outdated world of wine on its head, offering consumers something that looks as exciting as it tastes, without costing the earth.


The world of wine is awash with beautiful labels and elaborate type design that tells consumers little about either the flavour of the wine they’re buying or the provenance of the wine itself. Different regions have different regulations for what can and can’t be included in commercial wine, which makes it hard to know what’s really in the bottle. Candour wants to change all that.


Transparency is at the heart of everything Candour does, from the winemakers it sources from, to the carbon footprint of its packaging, right the way down to the clear communication of flavour profiles on its cans. This commitment to honesty is behind the name Candour, meaning open and honest, and led to a design direction underpinned by the tagline “Honestly Delicious Wine.”


Typically the flavour of wine is expressed according to three profiles – fruitiness, acidity and body – fine nuances that have a huge impact on what you enjoy in the glass. To express these differences across Candour’s limited edition wines, a variable word mark was created that subtly changes according to the wine’s unique notes, so that the flavour of the wine can be interpreted by just looking at the type on the label.