Coop – new pasta packaging


Design: Bedow
Location: Sweden
Project Type: Produced
Client: Coop Sweden
Product Launch Location: Sweden
Packaging Contents: Pasta
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic and cardboard

With inspiration from the Italian mathematician Fibonacci, design agency Bedow has designed the new packaging design for Coop’s pasta assortment. By allowing the Fibonacci sequence of numbers guide the graphic decisions, Coop have been provided with a flexible and distinctive design system that clarifies the pasta range and stands out in the shelves.

Coop Sweden has grown into one of the nation’s largest grocers with a vast range of products. Coop’s own pasta line struggled with a rather homogeneous look which made it difficult for costumers navigating among the different products. Therefore, design agency Bedow was assigned with creating a new design system for the pasta packaging.

At Coop, we have an extensive supply of pasta that was easy to recognize – however, difficult to differentiate. Our mission for Bedow was therefore to create a design system in which each pasta range has its own distinct personality, said Jonas Malmquist, Design Lead at Coop.

Bedow was inspired by the Italian mathematician Fibonacci. He discovered a numerical sequence closely related to the golden ratio, a value found widely in nature that have been believed to create geometric harmony throughout the history of art.

The new pasta packaging was launched during summer and will gradually be promoted in stores this autumn.

What’s Unique?
We wanted to embrace the origin and home of pasta, Italy, which also happens to be Leonardo Fibonacci’s home country. Our approach was to use a modular grid system in which Fibonacci’s harmonious proportions take the form of colored blocks in a vibrant modern palette. By doing so, we created a design system that can be adapted to the vast range of products and at the same time be distinctive on the shelves.