Vietnam Packaging Design Of Dried Fruits And Vietnamese Coffee Specialties

Vietnam’s tropical fruits are very rich and diverse. Because of the large output, it is necessary to make optimal use of fruit resources. Then my customer used freeze drying technology. To ensure the delicious taste of dried fruit. Full flavor when it reaches the user.

And Vietnamese coffee is also richly varied and has a more special flavor. Including durian coffee packaging, coconut coffee packaging and 3-in-1 coffee (Arabica, Robusta, Moca) and most impressively, weasel coffee. Weasel coffee is taken from the feces of ferrets after eating and excreting them outside. Coffee beans will taste better. And there are many packaging designs from all over the country of Vietnam. I will tell you about all the dishes and regional specialties of Vietnam through my designs and experiences. Sending thanks and love to those of you who have stopped by here.