Studio Unbound has worked collaboratively for a long time with Patkai, a loose-leaf Assam tea company which brings its own rich riche, both personal and cultural.

The founder of Patkai grew up on Assam tea and found that when she moved to the UK that she couldn’t find it anywhere the same style as how she had experienced it at home. Authentic Assam tea being quite uncommon in the UK, she set off back to the region of Assam to explore local plantations and develop a new original tea along with two blends. She sought the help of Studio Unbound to create packaging worthy and reflective of the meticulously blended tea leaves inside.

The name Patkai itself comes from the mountain range in Assam where the tea leaves were born. Alongside assam tea, the other famous export of the region is silk and with that in mind, Studio Unbound selected a muted colour palette for the brand, to honour and imitate the colours of the silk.

Studio Unbound chose the illustrations on the packaging to be in a king khap style, a style inspired by the Ahom dynasty which signifies the royalty and magnanimity of the past kingdom. Local assam silk and clothing are often adorned in a similar style. This design choice was reflective of Patkai’s social mission as the brand is all about trying to conserve the Assam region. The region is under threat with endangered species such as the One-Horned rhino, Adjutant Stork and the River Dolphin. Patkai has pledged part of their profits to be donated to the conservation area.

The different teas are distinguished by a different king khap motif on the packaging, representing their own different flavours. All of which are encased in a droplet, symbolising a golden droplet of Patkai tea. Here lies the niche of brand, offering teas designed to be consumed at different, targeted times of the day with there being more caffeine in the morning blend and for the evening, a green tea, which helps to calm the body and soothe the mind, unwinding from the day.

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