Saluti’s Citrus Symphony

Studio Unbound

Glasgow, UK

In the midst of encroaching winter, when the days grow shorter and the air turns chilly, Studio Unbound and Saluti have orchestrated a symphony of citrus flavours, ensuring that the essence of summer lingers on. Building upon their previous successful Limoncello, this dynamic partnership unveils not one, but two tantalizing new creations: Blood Orange and Lime-Cello.

A Feast for the Senses: Saluti’s new offerings are a testament to the vibrant spirit of Sicilian citrus. The familiar curve of the iconic bottle, inspired by the texture of citrus skin, now holds within it the essence of blood oranges and the zesty tang of limes. The design choice for bottle design ensures that the brand is not only iconic but promises a sensory journey.

To distinguish the new flavours, Studio Unbound has crafted uniquely distinctive tile designs, each with the abstract citrus shape heroed at the centre. The Lime-Cello bottle features a vibrant green pattern, a nod to the tartness of limes, while the Blood Orange variant boasts a captivating blend of leafy green and deep red, mirroring the fruit’s rich hue. Creating a range that are distinctive in their own right but sits together as a family of products.

True to the brand’s roots, the neck label on each bottle bears the mark of authenticity—an ode to the fresh fruit stickers found in bustling markets. It’s a reminder of the care and quality that goes into every batch, a mark of Saluti’s commitment to delivering the best to its patrons.

Saluti’s Citrus Symphony is not just a drink; it’s a celebration, a reminder that every season has its own unique charm, and every sip is an invitation to experience the essence of a sun-kissed Sicilian orchard. Cheers to the eternal spirit of summer, captured in every bottle of Saluti.

Studio Unbound is a small-but-mighty branding studio that works with aspiring founders of FMCG brands. They always try to deliver work that’s a little different, breaks the mould, and demands to be noticed.


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