EVE – English Apple Vodka

The Cabinet

In a crowded spirits market, few brands are willing to step outside of conformity and seek more fertile ground. In the creation of a new English Apple Vodka, The Cabinet have sought inspiration from a myth of produce, knowledge and irresistible temptation… Introducing EVE – English Apple Vodka.

The good people at The Pleasant Land Distillery strive to the highest standards of sustainability and, to this end, use only locally sourced ingredients in the production of their highly crafted products. Blessed with a strong desire to be pushing the boundaries of distillation and in possession on a large bushel of local apples, the team set out to create a new type of vodka… apple vodka.

And so, Eve was born. Believed to be the first English vodka to be made purely from apples, Eve deserved a brand that elevated its humble ingredients and simple distillate to reflect its manifestly higher power.

Designed to capture and reflect both the purity and richness of the product, the Eve brand looks to transcend mere mortal vodkas by radiating a transcendent apple from the tree of life, set in a landscape imbued with subtle detail and deep meaning. The timeless tale of the serpent also enters into the narrative of the design creating a living story across and over the various edges of the bottle. We can’t wait to see how consumers react to this wonderful story playing out across pack in bars and restaurants nationwide.