Hamster pizzeria

Elena Klimova

The concept of identity for the Hamster pizzeria is based on the use of the style of Russian folk proverbs and sayings about food, linking the image of a cheerful Hamster character with the assortment of cafes.

  • One hamster is good, but two are better!
  • The hamster comes while eating.
  • You can’t spoil a hamster with pizza.
  • Flour, like out of a bucket!
  • Selfie with a hamster, pizza with a light!
  • * Without a hamster and pizza is not delicious!
  • Take the pizza by the edges, and the hamster by the sides!
  • The third pizza is not a hindrance to the hamster!
  • What a conversation without a hamster and bread!
  • Soft dough is a hamster’s place!

The use of this concept makes it possible to involve cafe customers in an interactive game of “inventing” new sayings.


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