Bruna Martina

São Paulo, SP, Brasil

The CoguLand brand embraces the Groovy aesthetic, which is perfectly aligned with the magical and creative atmosphere associated with mushrooms and ethnobotany. The Groovy aesthetic is characterized by vibrant colors, organic shapes and a touch of psychedelia, reflecting the unique and transcendental nature of the products offered by the brand.

The chosen organic typography creates a feeling of movement and fluidity, evoking an idea of natural growth and expansion. This organic typography also conveys confidence and trust, indicating that CoguLand products are grown with care and passion.

The mushroom mascot, in turn, gives personality to the brand. Representing the magical and unique essence of mushrooms, the mascot adds an element of fun and identification for customers. It is a recognizable and friendly symbol that becomes the face of the brand, establishing an emotional connection with consumers.

With these elements together, the CoguLand brand promotes a unique and authentic experience. It evokes a feeling of exploration, adventure and transcendence, inviting customers to embark on a magical and creative journey through its high-quality products.

Design: Bruna Martina
Location: Brazil | São Paulo
Client: Coguland
Product Launch Location: Brazil


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