Renais Gin for Emma Watson by Jack Hawkins

Jack Hawkins

London, UK


Alex and Emma Watson dreamed of creating a super-premium gin, inspired by the beauty of the Chablis wine region. Hoping to transcend the creation of yet just another celebrity-endorsed product, aspiring instead to realize and cement a unique family heritage & legacy.

Jack Hawkins Studio was selected to create the brand from a mere existing name to a fully realized product & brand universe.

Curator’s Insight

The label, a symphony of Chablis-inspired yellow, unfolds like a French art nouveau masterpiece. It doesn’t merely adorn the bottle; it dances with the spirit of nature.

The yellow hue, reminiscent of the sun-kissed Chablis landscapes, paints a visual ode to the source of inspiration. The art nouveau design, distinctly French, is an aesthetic ballet, marrying tradition with a touch of avant-garde. In each swirl and curve, there’s a whisper of the family’s dreams, a sip of legacy in the making.


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