Imagine every bite transporting you to Italy, where tradition dances with innovation on your palate and exquisite flavors awaken your senses. Welcome to Beluce, a symphony of indulgence brought to life by a collaboration between Innovāt and their passionate vision. Our meticulously crafted brand experience go beyond premium pastries, elevating your journey to a delightful fusion of Italian heritage and modern flair. This isn’t just a pastry manufacturer; it’s a haven for diverse personas, each seeking a piece of Italy. Whether you’re a busy professional grabbing a quick yet exquisite treat, a family craving a warm space for shared moments, or a coffee connoisseur seeking a perfect cup, Beluce caters to your unique desires. Our inviting cafes, infused with Italian charm, offer the perfect blend of convenience, quality, and delightful flavors, transforming Beluce into your go-to haven for indulgence.

Our Task:

Beluce entrusted us with a delectable challenge: to translate their rich Italian heritage and commitment to quality into a brand identity that resonates with today’s discerning consumers. We delved deep into their history, understanding the meticulous craftsmanship and time-honored recipes that lie at the heart of every pastry. Simultaneously, we explored the aspirations of their target audience, seeking to understand what would truly excite and indulge their palates. This journey led us to create a brand that is both sophisticated and approachable, reflecting the essence of Beluce while captivating the modern market.

The result of our collaboration is a brand identity and packaging designs that exudes elegance and warmth. The logo, featuring a boldly outlined regal crown, isn’t just a symbol of luxury; it’s a testament to the rich heritage and authenticity of Beluce’s Italian roots. The crown’s regal air is balanced by the inviting warmth of the color palette, where browns evoke the comfort of home and gold hints at the premium experience Beluce offers. The elegant typography, reminiscent of classic Italian script, adds a touch of sophistication that speaks volumes about the brand’s refinement.

Our Collaboration:
Our partnership with Beluce wasn’t just about design; it was about building a bridge between tradition and innovation. We didn’t simply replicate the past; we infused it with modern sensibilities, creating a brand that is both timeless and exciting. We listened to their stories, shared our expertise, and worked hand-in-hand to create a brand identity that is both true to their heritage and relevant to the modern consumer.

Naming Concept:
“Beluce,” meaning is a “beautiful light” in Italian, beautifully embodies the essence of the brand. It evokes an image of delectable pastries bathed in warm light, ready to brighten your day and tantalize your taste buds. Each bite is a moment of pure indulgence, a celebration of the simple pleasures in life.

The Logo Concept:
The Beluce logo design concept intricately weaves together various elements to embody the brand’s core values and aspirations. Anchored by a regal crown, symbolizing a commitment to delivering an elevated and indulgent experience reminiscent of Italian pastry heritage, the warm brown palette evokes comfort and richness, mirroring the natural ingredients and traditional recipes at Beluce’s heart. A touch of gold adds an air of luxury and sophistication, emphasizing the brand’s premium nature and exclusivity, while the bold outline injects a modern dynamism, ensuring visibility and resonance with a contemporary audience. This cohesive blend of elements signifies Beluce’s dedication to excellence, innovation, and authenticity, inviting customers to indulge in a symphony of flavors that celebrate the rich traditions of Italian pastry making.

Croissant Packaging Collection:

Our first collaboration with Beluce resulted in a stunning collection of 10 croissant flavors, each presented in a vibrantly colored and uniquely designed package. These packages showcase the playful and innovative spirit of Beluce, while maintaining a sophisticated and premium feel. Each flavor is a testament to the brand’s commitment to using the finest ingredients and exploring new taste combinations, offering a delightful adventure for your palate. Each bite is a journey to Italy, a symphony of flavor, and a celebration of indulgence. Join us on this delectable adventure and discover the magic of Beluce.

Crafting Beluce’s Experience:
Beluce isn’t just a pastry manufacturer; it’s a symphony of Italian indulgence unfolding across its inviting cafes. We at Innovāt, your trusted creative partner, understood the diverse needs of Beluce’s target audience and crafted a brand identity that resonates with each persona, transforming Beluce into their go-to haven for delicious pastries, warm beverages, and a touch of Italian charm.

User Personas:
Our approach wasn’t limited just to group of people. We recognized a broader spectrum of user personas:

  • The Busy Professional: Seeking a convenient and delicious pick-me-up during their workday. Beluce’s grab-and-go options and spacious cafe seating with reliable Wi-Fi cater perfectly to their needs.
  • The Family on an Outing: Craving a warm and welcoming space to share quality time and delectable treats. Beluce’s family-friendly atmosphere and diverse menu, including kid-approved options, create lasting memories for families.
  • The Coffee Connoisseur: Appreciating the finer things in life, including their coffee. Beluce’s high-quality coffee blends and expert baristas ensure a satisfying experience for the discerning coffee lover.