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Coquimbo - Rancagua, Chile

The Hanaq Pacha shines brilliantly on this unique distillate from Atacama.

The Grand Pisco Hanaq Pacha, with a Designation of Origin in Atacama, is the distinctive emblem held by Sociedad Pisquera Reserva Elquina SpA. As it embodies the ancestral passion and deep Diaguita heritage within this family company. The production of this exceptional distillate, unwaveringly committed to excellence, becomes a tangible testimony of craftsmanship and tradition. By merging the past and present in each bottle, the Grand Pisco Hanaq Pacha transcends time and space, thus revealing the embodiment between the divine and the earthly, creating an extraordinary elixir that connects us at the highest level with the soul of the Andes.

The Chacana, an earthly bridge to the Andean cosmos.

In the mysterious fabric of the Andean worldview, the Chacana is that unbreakable bridge that links two worlds, connecting the earth with the vast starry canvas. It invites us to explore the depth of being, transcend the mundane, and embrace the cosmic essence, connecting us with ancestral wisdom.

Chacana in Pre-Hispanic Andean culture.

In the Brand Packaging project, the Chacana acts as a brand concept and is the bridge from earthly life to the Andean cosmos, providing a spiritual connection with the stars, the gods, and the ability to hear whispers from ancestors. Unveiling the mysteries behind an elixir that celebrates life.

Grand Pisco Hanaq Pacha: An inspiring, passionate, and connecting distillate.

The Grand Pisco Hanaq Pacha, an inspiring and passionate distillate, achieves its personality through the strategic selection of distinctive qualities, facilitating interaction and differentiation. Archetypes like the “Wizard” symbolize the pursuit of wisdom and spiritual connection, preserving Diaguita culture. While the “Lover” reflects passion for deep connections and belonging, emotionally connecting with tradition and community. Both drive the preservation and transmission of the Andean worldview, inspiring, connecting, and motivating to explore and share this tradition.


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