Burren Buzzing Honey


Designing the label for Burren Buzzing Honey was an engaging and intriguing process.

Our client from Ireland, who produces artisanal honey exclusively sourced from the Burren region in County Clare, wished to showcase the uniqueness of this locale on their label. They wanted to emphasize the prominent features of the region – the mountain and the spring flower Gentiana, from which the honey is primarily derived. After brief discussions, I received photographs of the landscapes and flowers and commenced the process. Initially, we worked on the logo, and I decided to depict the Gentiana flower with a bee in an engraved style.

The client supported this idea, and the outcome was appealing to both parties. Subsequently, I proceeded with designing the label, portraying the region’s landscape with flowers and mountains. Initially, I aimed for an engraved style, which turned out beautifully, but the client desired a more vibrant label for the honey, and thus, we created a vivid design that turned out exceptionally well.