FRUITAWA The Goodness Of Nature!

Deeez Studio

Fruitawa translates to “fruit and Eve.” a company that has begun operations with the goal of supplying England and Europe with Iranian products. The interest in floral and plant patterns among British people dates back to the middle of the 19th century and the creation of Art Nouveau. Many companies in the tea, spice, and food industries have tried in recent years to incorporate this beauty on the packaging so that it will catch the eye of the customer in addition to displaying the product. On the other hand, Iranians have historically partitioned the image and text space in their miniatures with flowers, decorative plants, tables, and frames. The purpose of the reasons mentioned above was to offer products containing Iranian saffron for sale in England.

saffron flower, floral designs, table drawings, and women who have always played a significant role in saffron production were all combined in a contemporary way for this design, according to extensive research by the Fruitawa marketing, sales team and our research team. We also considered the interest of the British people in designs that evoke the feeling of plants in these designs. The most crucial aspects of the brief were its quality, its execution, and its unique structure.

Illustrations are vital for setting you apart from competitors and becoming a recognizable style. Our characters, inspired by Art Nouveau, feature women with messy hair and plain flowers, carrying large saffron flowers to draw attention to the products. The traditional table layout ensures clear visibility of product information and images for the audience.


Deeez Studio

Creative Director, Illustrator: Yekta Jebelli
Packaging Designer: Yekta Jebelli, Erfan Hakkani
Photographer: Roozbeh Haghgoo
Website Designers/ Developer: Seyyed Mostafa Seyyed Ebrahimi, Mohammad Reza Alae, Bahar Arsooni
3D Artist: Ali Bitaraf
Logo Designer: Ali Rabie
Corporate Identity: Faezeh Seidi, Saba Emami, Ali Rabie, Yekta Jebelli
Graphic Designers: Saba Emami, Faeze Seidi, Erfan Hakani
Motion Designer, Instagram Design and Presentation: Taha Esmat Talab
Fruitawa Brand