The rebranding project of Glulac, a brand of gluten and lactose-free food, was concluded with the launch of the new packaging for the snacks line, the brand’s primary product. These snacks in strip shapes, made with natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives, come in nine distinct flavors, which together provide a vibrant and eye-catching rainbow on the shelves.The proposed design not only conveyed an energetic and colorful approach but also strategically extended the product’s shelf life, allowing the brand to expand its presence to more Brazilian states.

Our challenge in the Glulac project was of logistical nature. As the brand uses only natural ingredients and preservatives, the result is products with a short shelf life. When expanding to new states, transportation and shelf exposure time limited its geographical coverage, as it reached consumers very close to the expiration period. To overcome this obstacle, we redesigned the packaging, replacing the translucent plastic with material coated with aluminum internally. This strategic change offered a more effective barrier against external factors, ensuring an extended shelf life.

In the wellness sector, where many brands use desaturated color palettes, we brought a new colorful and fun visual. We emphasized that health doesn’t exclude flavor: Glulac products are gluten-free and lactose-free, but full of colors and tastes! We also added dynamic illustrations to the product’s new graphic design, playing with character proportions in unexpected viewpoints, making them appear to come out of the packaging, bringing life and movement to the product. On the back of the packaging, we encourage reading the ingredients, highlighting the list with the phrase “Only ingredients you know” to encourage consumers to read the ingredient listing and compare it with other market options.