Gala is committed to redesign water consumption in restaurants, bars and hotels through a 360° solution based on three pillars: environmental impact; customer experience; and profitability and efficiency to establishments through a product-system that involves a water purification equipment imported from Italy, along with a filter developed here in Brazil.

Since the beginning of the project, the client emphasized the desire to recreate the atmosphere of sophistication reminiscent of old-money aesthetics, while incorporating key elements of the brand as innovation and technology.

Before a deep dive into visual construction, there was a name that guided everything: Gala, attire for solemn acts. It it a rehearsal of how to dress users with our purpose and how to provide them with a unique invitation: drink Gala to simplify sustainable action in such an attractive way that it almost sounds like an unreal experience.

These attributes were further sealed in the brand’s primary point of contact: a simple yet iconic 500ml glass bottle that reminded everyone who served themselves: “Do not take me home”. This aspect is reinforced to maintain the circularity of the product-service, ensuring the exclusion of the logistical process that traditional alternatives have to follow to reach the table.

This is Gala, a Water to Remember.